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The instructions of submission and review of papers

(2021-02-27 15:30)

1. At present, the committee  has collected 81 effective manuscripts through the website and entered the review stage.

In view of the fact,some authors said that they could not upload papers on the website,  the collected 81 manuscripts' IDs / titles / authors are published in the following table.
If you don't find your manuscripts in the table below,  it means that the upload failed.

Please send the manuscript to email( iccrem@vip.163.com )directly! (The author who has been already uploaded successfully, please do not upload again.)

IDs Titles Names
001+A Automatic Construction of Building Code Graph for Regulation Intelligence Yu-Cheng ZHOU1, Jia-Rui LIN2, Zhong-Tian SHE3
002+A Research on the Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by Construction Enterprises under the Background of the Epidemic Zhenxiang Shi1
003+A Problems and solutions of lean construction in the context of sustainable development Liangbao Li1 ,Yuming Hao2
004+A Research on the Reconstruction of Social Responsibility of Construction Enterprises under the Background of Normalization of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Lixia Chen1, Qinhe Hu2 and Na Yin3
005+N The correlation between capital structure and performance of listed real estate companies Jiawen DING1, Haoming WANG2,Yanru GAO3
006+A The Path Choice of Real estate Market Development in Liaoning Province After the COVID-19 He Lu
007+B Modeling Linear Schedules under Uncertain Scope of Work Conditions with Singularity Functions Yi SU1, Gunnar LUCKO2 and Shabtai ISAAC3
008+B Research on Safety Risk Management of Steel Structure Building Construction Based on Game Theory-Cloud Model Yunpin HU1, Chao LI2 and Yulong JIANG3
009+B Safety Risk Assessment of Tower Crane Construction
Based on Fuzzy Bayesian Network
Lin Liu1; Jie Liu2; YiNing Yao3
010+B Research on Key Risks of Tower Crane Based on Complex Network Liying WANG1, Wei CHEN2, Jie LIU3 and Zongliang LI4
011+C Construction digital twin: Transforming data into decision making Yuhan LIU1, Ke CHEN2, Ling MA3, Shu TANG4, Tan TAN5
012+C Research on the Application of Digital close-range Photogrammetry in the Protection of Historic buildings Jue LU1  Bo ZHENG2, 3 and Shenglan ZHENG4
013+C Exploration of Transformation and Upgrading Path of Construction Industry under the Background of Digital Information Xiaotian ZHAO
014+C Safety supervision and management of construction site based on modern information technology Xueling Lu1 and Lixin Sun2
015+C Obstacle-aware rescue routing on construction site
based on BIM and computer vision
Hui Deng1, Mao Tian2, Zhibin Ou3 and Yichuan Deng4
016+D Barriers for Promoting Green Building Materials in China Zhihan Yang1, Xiaodong Li2
017+D Research on the carbon footprint of steel structure during materialization stage based on BIM Cheng Ji1, C.K. Chau2, Minqi Lin3, Ping Lyu4, Mengyi Xu5
018+D Carbon emission assessment of construction process based on discrete event simulation Xiaoqing Lu1, Fang Yuan2
019+D Analysis about Influential Factors in Increment Cost of Green Residential Building in China Fuzhen He1 and Lixin Sun2
020+D Safety mindfulness: a buffer between job stress and safety performance of construction workers Huakang LIANG1;Yunhan ZHANG2
021+D Impacts of energy-saving technological progress in the building materials sectors on both economy and environment of the construction industry Weina ZHU1, Chengshuang SUN2 and Xiaodong LI3, *
022+D Research on Sustainable Development of Construction Economy Based on the Concept of Green Development Fang Wei
023+D Evaluation of construction waste reduction measures based on green construction Weili Li1 , Jiemei Pang2
024+D Research On The Evolution Process Of High-Tech Industrial Parks From The Perspective Of Life Cycle Yang Wang †, Jifa Wang ‡Luxi Zhang§
025+E Research on the joint waterproofing of precast segmental tunnel linings in Water-rich Stratum
Shaojun Wang1, Yonghui Luo2 and Xiangxun Kong3
026+E Analyzing the factors affecting the diffusion of prefabricated construction technology Tianxin LI1, Zhongfu LI2 and Kunze LI3
027+E Research on the Optimization of Production Scheduling for Prefabricated Components Wei CHEN1, Xuexiao LI 2 and Jie LIU3
028+F The Relationship between Fixed-asset Investment and Carbon Emissions by Three Strata of Industry in China Rui WANG1 and Zhongying QI2
029+G Mitigating Influence of Institutional Differences on International Project Performance by Knowledge Management Huicong ZHANG1, Yanling KANG2, Wenxin SHEN3, Wenzhe TANG4
030+G Construction of Engineering Management Course System under the Background of Digital Transformation of Construction Industry Xiaotian ZHAO
031+G Research on the influencing factors of post legislation evaluation of regulations--Based on the analysis of AHP and csQCA Jun JIANG1, Yiqiang WANG2, Shichang MA3 and Dan Wang4
032+H Issues and Countermeasures of State-owned Enterprises Risk Management in China
Yudi WU1 and Mo CHEN2
033+H Online public participation in megaprojects: unpacking impacts of social media Han Xiao1, ShengYue Hao2
034+H The Application of Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Model in the Real Estate Industry Xiaoyuan WANG1, Hui WANG2 and Hongxing WEN3
035+H Research on Supplier Partnership Management of Construction Enterprises under the COVID-19 Wangwang Zuo1 and Lixin Sun2
036+H Research on the Governance of Agent Construction Project from the Perspective of Transaction Cost Theory Cuicheng Liao1; Jie Zhong2; and Yazhuo Luo3
037+I Housing Price, Industrial Upgrading and Total Factor Productivity: PVAR Model Based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data Lin ZHU 1 and Zijing WU 2
038+I Relationship between Quality of Economic Growth and Economy's Dependence on Real Estate Zijing WU 1 and Lin ZHU 2
039+I Evaluation and Empirical Research on the Effect of the Monetary Subsidy Policy for Public Rental Housing* Yuesong ZHANG1, Beijie YANG2, Mingyi SUI3 and Yufan ZHANG4
040+I Evaluation of Residential Satisfaction with Public Rental Housing Based on Entropy–TOPSIS and an Empirical Comparison between Residents of Beijing and Tianjin * Yuesong ZHANG1 ,Xiubao WANG2 ,Xiaoxuan LI3 ,Jing WEI4 and Yingjie ZHANG5
041+I Study on Decision-Making Behavior of Tenants in Beijing Shared Accommodation Market Zhang, Li ;Sun, Jie ;Zhang, Yang
042+I An Empirical Research on the Impact of Residents’ Housing Expenditure on Consumption: Based on the Comparative Perspective of International Data Lu BinBin1 and Zhu Xiaomeng2
043+I Research on the Countermeasures to Standardize and Improve China's Rental Housing Market under the "Dual-circulation" Strategy Jin LI
044+I The dialectical relationship between the sales area, price and inventory of commercial residential buildings in Liaoning Jie ZHANG
045+I Can Venture Capital Optimize the Quality of Regional Economic Development? Fan DONG 1 and Lin ZHU 2
046+J SD-GA Model for Intervention Costs Optimization of Construction Workers’ Unsafe Behaviors Yingpan LI1 and Yafeng LI2
047+J A review of national Economic Evaluation of UHV power grid Jingbin Wang1 and Qingpeng Man2
048+J Forecasting the Volatility of REITs Return of Chinese Mainland Using BP Neural Network Approach Ying Xue1,Jianli Liu2
049+J Research on Production Cost Optimization of PC Exterior Wall Panel Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Wei CHEN1, Anqi CHEN2 ,Jie LIU3and Shiying DENG4
050+J An Empirical Study on the Impact of Airport Financing Structure on Operational Efficiency Xu Shuhong, Zhou Yangli
051+J Literature review of social benefit evaluation methods of UHV power grid Yadi ZHANG1, Qingpeng MAN2
052+J Research on Early Stage Investment Decision of Real Estate Project Based on Grey System Theory Fengyu MA1,Hang YAN2 and Lekun LIAN3
053+J Profit distribution of the IPD project on Triangular fuzzy number payoff cooperative game Shuwen GUO1, Junwu WANG2
054+N Organizational identities of Chinese contractor managers: Implication for safety perception and actions Beibei Qin
055+J Study on strategy of risk redistribution of tender offer Xu HU1 ;Lu HE 2;
056+J Research on Digital Transformation of Construction Industry Qun CAO1
057+K An investigation on the polycentric spatial structure in Shenzhen, China Zhen Lv and Yani Lai*
058+K Influence Factors on the Vitality of Old Communities in Guangzhou using Multi-source Data Fan Wu1, Yushi Peng2, Jiabin Duan3, Yehuang Tu4, Dongyang An5, Jingrun Feng6, Jiamin Li7, Shijie Tang8 and Mingquan Wang9
059+K What drives urban village redevelopment in China?
A survey of literature
Lin Jiang1 and Yani Lai*2
060+K Land Resources Utilization and Management in Mountainous Cities Based on Land Spatial Planning Zitai GAO 1, Lixin SUN2 and Lei XU3
061+K Research on China's Policy to Support the Industry of Rural Health Wellness Tourism for the Urban Elderly Puwei ZHANG1, Runyue QI2, Yutao WANG3 and Shuaifeng GUO4
062+K Poverty alleviation based on the land element of the urban- rural unified land management ----The conflicts and interactive games of limited property right house Xuefeng zheng2,Hongyu Jia3
063+L Research on Evaluation Model for Region Industrial Interne Fengping Xue
064+L Key Risks of Rail Transit Operation Based on Complex Network Hui Xu1, Ninghui Deng2 and Yang Li3
065+L Research on the Heterogeneity Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Economic Development of Important Cities in the Yellow River Basin
Ting Liu1
066+L Research on operation efficiency of Beijing Rail Transit Based on DEA-Malmquist index Shichang Ma1, Shangyi Li2
067+L The Performance Evaluation of Expressway PPP Project During Operation Period Based on RF Zhao Ming1, Yunpin Hu2 and Mengya Zheng3
068+L Research on the Pricing of PPP Project of Waste Incineration Power Generation Jiamin CHEN1,Jun FANG2 and Jiongcan WU3
069+L Study on Operation and Maintenance Supervision Strategy of Environmental Engineering PPP Project Shuying QIN1, Jun FANG2 and Jun HU3
070+L Key risk factors identification for PPP waste-to-energy incineration projects Xiaoya Gao1, Jun Fang2 and Shengmin Wang3
071+L Three-Party Conflict and its Evolutionary Game Analysis in Indoor Renovation of Old Residential Quarters Shichang Ma1,  Yilifeina Yilidaer2
072+M Research on the Construction of Engineering Management Course System Based on BIM Technology Feiyan ZHAO
073+M Curriculum System Design for Construction Management Major in Finance and Economics Colleges Facing the Big Data and Intelligent Construction Era Jian Yu1; Fan Yang2; Peng Zhou3; Yulong Li4
074+M Research on the Construction of Teaching System about BIM Series Courses of Engineering Economics and Management based on Bayesian Network Yuanyuan JIANG1, Enyuan LI2
075+M The extent of the impact of basic education resources on housing prices——Based on the empirical analysis of housing in the elementary school district of Nangang District, Harbin Ri CHAO1, Lixin SUN2
076+M An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Social Responsibility and Financial Performance of Listed Real Estate Companies in China Yajie HAO1, Dapeng PAN2 and Yanru GAO3
077+N Research on Structural Optimization Strategy of
Safety Cost of Construction Enterprise
Xiaojing Zhou1   Zhuo Zhang2
078+N Research on Financing Risk of Real Estate Enterprises Xuejun HOU1, Hua HUANG2
079+N The Impact of Diversified Strategy on Real Estate Enterprises’ Growth Nan WONG1, Yi ZHAO2, Jikun CONG3 and Ruomiao CHENG4
080+N Risk network analysis of EPC projects based on ISM model Hongbing LI1 and Guodi Xiong2
081+N Research on Evolutionary Game of Vertical Collusion in Government Investment Projects Hongbing LI1 and Lili WU2

2.The papers uploaded by the following authors cannot be downloaded by the committee .

What you uploaded may not be a word file. Please send word-file to email as soon as possible( iccrem@vip.163.com ):

L-20210221234201 LLWHUT Research on investment decision-making of urban renewal projects based on the perspective of government
L-20201223201524 Kangyw Urban facilities management: a viable system model
L-20210105233503 924642290 Research on the coordination between urban resilience and economic development level- a case study of Chengdu

In order to avoid the above problems, the committee group will  close the website upload channels.

You can send your papers to  iccrem@vip.163.com as equally.