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First batch ACCEPTANCE_NOTIFICATION/REJECTION of 80 papers have been released

(2022-04-25 20:00)

1. On April 25, 2022,
"ACCEPTANCE_NOTIFICATION/REJECTION " of 80 papers in the first batch of ICCREM2022 (as shown in the table below) have been sent to the email of first author and corresponding author , If you have not received the email, please check your spam email or send your paper ID and title to the email (iccrem@vip.163.com) for review results checking.
2. Domestic authors are requested to return the documents to the conference 163 mailbox before 23:59, May 7, 2022, Beijing time, or the typesetting time of your paper may be affected.
3. For any payment / invoice and other financial problems, you can send an email to contact the conference finance email: iccrem@hit.edu.cn.

IDs Titles Authors
001+A Study on green building development from the perspective of space: A systematic review Hui YAN1, Ziyan FAN2, Lei ZHANG3 and Xiaochun LUO4
002+A Research on the Differentiated Promotion Path of Carbon Emission Efficiency in the Chinese Construction Industry from the Perspective of Configuration Hua Liu1 and Zhaorong Chen2
003+A A Review of low-carbon and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings Haitao YU1, Qingpeng MAN2 and Kailun FENG3
004+A Study on carbon reduction capacity of the sponge city facilities Jian LIU1, Zhuotng Chen2, Lingyi Wu3*, Nian She4
005+A A study on the influencing factors for the promotion of Passive Ultra Low Energy Buildings in China based on DEMATEL-ISM model YueJun LIU1 ; Long WANG 2
006+A Research on Local Updating of Silted Building in Tujia Nationality under the Goal of “Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutralization” Zehua JIANG1 and Lin LIN2
007+A Research on Analysis and Control of Responsibility Cost Factors of Engineering Project Based on PDCA Xiuli Chen1; Jingming Niu2; and Tingting Guo3
008+A Research on the sustainable development of my country's real estate economy under the dual carbon strategy Jin LI
009+A Research on the development of real estate industry under the target of "double carbon" Li Mingrui
010+A Research on Risk sharing of EOD+PPP project Hongbing LI1 and Guodi Xiong2
011+A Promote Green Construction and Help Achieve the "Dual Carbon" Goal XiaodongLiu1GuangjieLiu2andXueleiZhou3
012+A An Empirical Study on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Prefabricated Buildings Based on the Whole Life Cycle YaoLI1,Jie ZHANG2
013+A Research Progress of Source Reduction Technology for C&D Waste Yuefang RONG1, Xiaokun SUN2Dian ZHANG3, Xinyue ZHANG4
014+A A complex network approach to modeling the causations of major construction safety accidents Huakang LIANG1
015+A China's Green Building Special Planning Framework Thinking and Strategic Suggestions in circumstances of Low-Carbon Concept Yuefang RONG1, Xiaokun SUN2Jian SONG3, Yi WANG4
016+A Design and Simulation of Complete Coverage Indoor Robot Path Planning Algorithm Based on BIM ShiPeng LUO1,RongJiang HUANG2Qiang ZENG3and XianHe WANG
017+A Research on Library Architectural Design under the goal of "double carbon" Ji Hai Gao   Xiaomei Yu
018+B Study on resilience evaluation of waterlogging in deep foundation pit projects based on the Random Forest Yufei LIU1, Hongbing LI2, and Junwu WANG3
019+B Research on the construction safety accident analysis model of deep excavation project caused by rainstorm Junfang RAO1Wei CHEN2Weihua ZENG3Daoyuan GUO4, Yishuai TIAN5
020+B Study on multi-level safety risk assessment of super 40m deep foundation pit construction adjacent to subway Sen LIANG 1, Shilong ZHANG 2, Wei LIAO3, Changyong LIU4, Zhijie TAN5, Yingzhou LUO6 and Jiaojiao AI7
021+C An explanatory sequence research on the development and innovation path of digital construction industry Xianyu TAN1, Xiaolong XUE2, Qiongyu HUANG3, Hui ZHU4 and Jianshuo CHEN5
022+C Research on the Information Management of Shanghai Lilong Buildings Jue LU1 Shenglan ZHENG2 and Bo ZHENG3, 4
023+C A CBR model for analyzing the social-capital side
profitability of PPP project
Xu Teng LU 1, Hang YAN2 and Yong WANG3
024+C Study on the application of weaving construction in Folk houses in Western Hunan Huang Yi1 , Lin Lin1* and Guo X
025+D The Study on Sponge City Construction Scheme Based on the AHP –Take Tianjin as an example Lipeng Wei and Xueshan Sun
026+D Research on the Implementation Paths of Green Construction under the "Double Carbon" Goal Feiyan ZHAO1Xiaotian ZHAO2
027+D Performance Evaluation of Sponge City Construction in the Residential Project Mengwei WU1, Sihan YI2, Junwu WANG3 and Han WU4
028+D Promoting Megaproject Social Responsibility among Stakeholders with Network analysis Xian Zheng1; Jiaying Chen2; and Bo Xia3*
029+D Analysis of Factors Affecting CO2 Emissions in 6 Central Chinese Cities Zhiting Chen1, Xiaokun Sun1*, Xinwanghao Xu2*, Peihao Wang3, Lv Bin4
030+D Research on the Benefit Sharing of the Core Stakeholders of Green Construction Xue Li 1, Li Chaoran 2, Jin Yimin 3
031+D Research on the Design of University Informal Learning Space under the Concept of Sustainable Development Junkai Wang1, Ling Yu2
032+D Research on the design of green university museum exhibition space Jiayu GUO1 and Ling YU
033+D Evolutionary game model of construction enterprises and construction material manufacturers in the construction and demolition waste resource utilization Zhiguo SHAO1, Mengdi LI2, Dehu YU3, Chuanfeng HAN4, and Lingpeng MENG5
034+E Research on Carbon Emission Measurement during Materialization Stage of Prefabricated Buildings: A Case Study in Guangzhou Zhibiao HAO1, Yousong WANG2, Ziyan FAN3 and Hui YAN4
035+E Research on waterproof performance of composite sealing gasket for assembly joints of prefabricated subway station Jian ZHAO1, Shaojun WANG2 and You ZHOU3
036+E Obstacle analysis in standardization promotion of prefabricated components based on the DEMATEL-ISM method XIA Yunfei1 , CHEN Wei1 , ZHANG Kai3 , ZHANG Yong4 and CHEN Xianqing5
037+E Research on Improving the Integrity of Joints in Prefabricated Building Components Dedong Kong1, Guangjie Liu2 and Xuelei Zhou3
038+H Research on the Strategic Human Resource Management Transformation of State-owned Construction Enterprises In the New Era Zhenxiang Shi
039+H Executive Promotion Incentives and the Effectiveness of Internal Control of Construction Listed Companies Ma Shichang1,Li Tingting2
040+H Influence of Risk Allocation on Construction Project Management Performance: The Mediating Effect of Contractor's Performance Behavior Yazhuo Luo1; Yuanze Chen2; and Anqi Feng3
041+H Owners’ leadership and relational behavior of participating organizations in megaprojects Xian Zheng1, Xiao Hu2, Chunlin Wu3*, and Ju Bai4
042+I Research on the Differences of Driving Industrial Upgrading in Different Investment Fields: A Comparison between Investment in Real Estate and Venture Capital Lin ZHU 1 and Fan DONG 2
043+I An empirical study on asset structure and enterprise performance of listed real estate companies Jie GAO Yanru GAO
044+I Migrant workers in cities into target implementation schedule impact on the housing consumption Yu Zhang1    ZheYang
045+I Study on the Impact of Population Aging on Real Estate Market:Taking Liaoning Province for Example Jiaqiang Ren1 ; Yiping Song2 ; and Ruoxuan Wang
046+I Research on the application of vr technology in real estate marketing strategies Weibo Wang
047+I Research on Real Estate New Media Marketing Strategy Based on Consumer Behavior Characteristics Wenbin Liu
048+I Spatial Correlation between Innovation Aggregation and Housing Price Fan DONG1 and Lin ZHU2
049+J Research on the Financing Mode of Green Bond Supporting Green Building Development Xiaoyuan WANG1,  Hongxing WEN
050+J The RS-CBR Model for Estimating Safety Construction Cost of Engineering Project Guodong YIN1 , Shiying DENG2, Wei CHEN3
and Xinghong HUANG
051+J Research on the information price measurement of commercial concrete based on FAHP-BP method Qi HE1,Zhao MING2,Jichao XU3,Yunpin HU4
052+J Research on Key Factors of Cost of Prefabricated Building EPC Project Based on SNA Tiankang DENG1 , Xiangzhong TANG2, Liying WANG3, and Zhipeng GAO4
053+J Application of grey theory model in engineering cost Xu HU1 Lu HE 2
054+J Analysis framework of digital economy innovation level of construction enterprises Xiaolong Xue1, Zhao Zhang 2, Qiongyu Huang3, Xianyu Tan4, Hui Zhu
055+J Exploring on the Application of PPP Model in the Renewal of Old Residential areas – Taking Z District as an Example Yang Lan1, Guangjie Liu2 and Xuelei Zhou3
056+J Research on the Development Path of Cost Consulting Enterprises under Whole-process Engineering Consultancy Li Hongbing1,Zhai Qian2 , Lv Kanghui3,Qin Yahui4
057+K Land Reserve Potential Evaluation Based On GIS & Big Data Analysis A Case Study of Nansha District, Guangzhou, China Hengzhi SONG1, Yuanyi XIE2, Xinyue GU3 and Chengfang Wang4
058+L Research on the Prediction and Mechanism of Exhibition Scale Based on Grey Prediction Cong DU1,Ding-cheng WEI2,Xiu-xiu BAI3, Xin LI4and Yu-long LI5
059+L Research on Performance Evaluation of Urban Rail Transit Based on EDA Fengping Xue
060+L Entertainment space design based on behavior scene theory --- Taking theme park space as an example Guo Feng De1, Lin Lin1* and Wu Shuang Yi2
061+L Measuring the complexity of mega projects based on the Markov chain-entropy measurement model Yuyang LIU1, Jiale WANG2 , Qiushi BO3, and Lan LUO4*
062+L Identification and Evaluation of Urban Public Activity Center from Temporal and Spatial Perspective: A Case Study of 6 Districts In Guangzhou Yudong Lin1, Hao Huang2, Xinyue Gu3, Yuanyi Xie4, Jiayue Li5, and Chengfang Wang
063+L The Antecedents of Villagers’ Initial Trust on the Developer in Urban Village Redevelopment Project Yousong Wang1, Yao Yao2, Yangbing Zhang3, Zhibiao Hao4 and Hui Yan
064+L Research on Cost Allocation Strategy of Urban Old Residential District Reconstruction Hongbing LI1, Xiaoyan ZHUO2, Mei HUANG
065+M The extent of the impact of basic education resources on housing prices——Based on the empirical analysis of housing in the elementary school district of Nangang District, Harbin Ri CHAO1, Lixin SUN
066+M Research on the Talent Cultivation Mechanism of School-enterprise Cooperation in Construction Engineering Management Specialty of Higher Vocational Education Lu HE
067+M Practical Exploration of Order Training For New Residence Digital Broker Jie ZHANG1  Lie YAO2
068+M Research on the cultivation path of craftsman spirit in real estate Vocational Education under the background of "double carbon" XiaoMei Yu JiHai Gao
069+N Research on Dynamic Evaluation of Organizational Effectiveness for Construction Enterprises under “Carbon-Peak and Carbon-Neutralization” Strategies Dan Li1,Peining Yang2,Meiling Chen3
070+N Research on the Impact of Working Capital Management Efficiency on Enterprise Performance of Listed Real Estate Companies Xinyuan LI1,Siying HAN, Yanru GAO2
071+N Obstacles and Countermeasures about the Professional Development of the New Generation of Construction Workers in Northern Jiangsu Province Guodong NI1, Yuzhuo ZHENG2, Qiongqiong BAO3, Xinyue MIAO4, Li LI5
072+N Evolutionary Game Analysis of Developers Participating in the Construction of Rental Housing YaoLI1,Jie ZHANG
073+D Green Facility Management: The Wuli-Shili-Renli Framework and System Dynamics Model Liang LIU1, Haonan JIANG2*
074+L Research on the coupling and coordination of intensive land use and new urbanization in Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration Zhenhua Wu1, Yingying Huang2
075+F Research on influencing factors and Countermeasures of asset management in real estate industry under the background of Evergrande event -- Based on principal component analysis model Yongchun Lin1, Can Wang2, Zedong Zhang*3 and Yupeng Wang4
076+A Application of green construction technology in Construction Engineering Cao Yanan
077+K Strategic Research on Urban Land Resources Management and Development and Utilization Based on Territorial Space Planning System Zitai GAO 1, Bin Yao2, Lei XU3 and Lixin SUN4
078+K Dynamic game analysis of land development and utilization planning supervision under the supply side reform Xia Tao
079+K Research on priority analysis of green renovation content in old residential areas based on structural equation model Guozong Zhang1, Xuqiao Fan2, Yuting Su3, and Yongrui Xu4
080+L Environmental Impacts of Residential Satisfaction of Elders in Micro-Regeneration communities based on PLS-SEM Fan Wu1, Xianning Liu2, Daoge Ni3, Taoan Lu4, Kaizon Zhang5, Hongxin Pu6, Ying Sun7 ,Mingquan Wang8 and Hao Li9